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Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet? Complete Answer Guide.

Birkenstocks can indeed be an investment in your feet’s health. The cork and latex that make up a Birkenstock contour to the natural shape of your foot. This ensures proper distribution of the weight and solid arch support.

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Most people ask whether Birkenstocks hurt flat feet. Now, this depends on many things. One of them is that if you do not break them in properly, they will indeed hurt your feet. However, if you should experience any pain, just use bandaids and moleskins to cover the spots where it is hurting you.

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For this reason, Birkenstocks have the best features that make them perfect for people with flat feet. These features include the following: Birkenstock sandals have a sole and footbed that is made of four layers.

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Pes planus or fallen arch or flat feet is an arch deformity where the arches of the foot collapse and the sole comes in contact with the ground. It causes pain during walking and limits locomotion to a great extent. Shoes and sandals with some unique features are made to solve these problems, such as Birkenstocks.

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The Birkenstocks have total comfort and standardized adjustment ranges. Individuals affected by flat feet find the Birkenstocks their best choice because they have a slightly tight strap, which is meant to grasp the toe and keep the heel at a proper height. Avoid the sandals with a tighter strap since it might compromise your feet’ mobility.

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Flat feet can lead to pronating, which can then lead to PF. Something with an arch support would help mitigate pronation, which would theoretically help cure PF. I have no idea if this is true, and I don’t have flat feet. Just seems to be the logical outcome of correcting your gait if you pronate.

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Flat feet with Birkenstocks. Close. 2. Posted by 1 day ago. Flat feet with Birkenstocks. Hi! I've been admiring birks for a while and finally decided to get some, but when I went into the store today to try them on I was having a bit of trouble with sizi.

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