Toffia - relive the historic center

14 August 2012a18 August 2012

Toffia - relive the historic center

14 to 18 August 2012


tribute to the female voice and the role

this has in modern music !!

To sleep in the surrounding area visit:

14/08 Majaria feat. Eleanor Bordonaro

15.8 Valentina Ferraiuolo Trio feat. Massimo Carrano

16.8 Paola Donzella in Trio

17/08 Le Romane

18/08 Alla Bua

5 evenings of music, in the Piazza di Toffia, within the seventeenth edition of the historic exhibition "Relive the old town."
5 evenings that range from ethno jazz and songs of the Sicilian tradition of Majaria and Eleanor Bordonaro, the Roman Song of the all-female quartet of Le Roman, from the Campania tammurriate Valentina Ferraiuolo to Taranta Puglia
of Allabua up to the pop manouche Paola Donzella.
5 musical performances, a first edition of a festival, "Folk in Progress" who wants to give space and attention to the popular musical reality most quoted and most attractive.
So 5 nights not to be missed ...

The artistic director
Enrico Moccia

14/8 Majaria feat. Eleanor Bordonaro

Majaria is a word of the Sicilian dialect which means beauty, sorpesa and spell, most emotional expression of the concept of the word "magic"
In occasione della prima serata di “Folking Progress”, il gruppo Ethno Jazz rivelazione del 2012 incontra l'energia e la solarità di una delle più interessanti voci emergenti della musica popolare.
In a repertoire rewritten starting with the poems and songs of the Sicilian tradition, Eleonora Bordonaro and Majaria Trio (Lucretius de Seta, Primianus Di Biase and Alessandro Patti) will be
involved in a single evening, which originated from a common passion for the rhythms and sounds of the South.

8.15 Valentina Ferraiuolo Trio feat. Massimo Carrano

Valentina Ferraiuolo, solista dell' Orchestra Popolare Italiana dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, suona da più di quindici anni con Ambrogio Sparagna in varie formazioni (duo, trio, quartetto), affiancandolo anche in programmi speciali con nomi speciali quali De Gregori, Servillo, Cristicchi, Galeazzi…
L'amore per la sua terra, Valentina nasce a Gaeta, la porterà ad occuparsi di musica tradizionale, dapprima approfondendo le ricerche sul repertorio della Ciociaria e successivamente dedicandosi alle tecniche e tradizioni del vasto repertorio di tutto il centro- sud Italia. Ospite d’eccezione sarà il percussionista Massimo Carrano, tra i musicisti italiani più attivi ed eclettici. Nel corso della sua carriera ha collaborato,tra gli altri, con Teresa De Sio, Mimmo Locasciulli, Ornella Vanoni, Fabrizio de Andrè, Karl Potter, Massimo Moriconi, Mauro Pagani, Mariapia De Vito, Rita Marcotulli, Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, Lucilla Galeazzi, Giovanna Marini Antonello RicciTony Esposito, Elio e le storie tese, Indaco…

16.8 Paola Donzella in Trio

Paola Donzella, former co-leader and vocalist of the Elixir (plate Tenco work before 2009 with the album Pears and chocolate-Odd Times ecords R) presents a preview of the songs from his next album
expected for 2012 already promises to be full of guests, sounds, fragrances international, with a strong turn pop mixed with a refined and chiseled electronics but without abandoning the
mood all French, swinging and jazzy to which we have become accustomed. Actress, former dancer, vocalist of rank, he decided to tell premiered in training new acoustic compositions and
to reproduce some of the successes of the Elixir, the group that greeted to pursue a solo career full of exciting surprises, travel, adventures in music.

17/8 Le Romane

The Roman song is the meeting place of this small acoustic training of the women, where the serenade and the voice of common people mingle with the verses of the great authors
as Pasolini and Strehler and the music of Rota, Umiliani, Carpi, Rustichelli, Trovajoli, Balzani.
So the alleys of the capital pouring directly into the most remote suburb, with looks that come from stories full of humanity: love, prison, the wine, the dream, the abandonment, the irony. The wonderful voice of Raffaella Misiti, lead singer of Acustimantico and the Collective Angelo Mai, the theatricality of Arianna Gaudio, narrator, Annalisa Baldi's guitar, and accordion Désirée Infascelli, will join us in an evening full of poetry and

18/8 Alla Bua

The Alla Bua are born from the experiences of more traditional musical culture of Salento. Among these sounds were joined by six members of the group, coming from various countries around the Salento (Casarano, Torrepaduli, Collepasso, Racale to grica Sternatia), with a shared awareness of their own feel the legacy of popular music, learned directly to their houses and with great passion to play it, pass it, and publicize it.
At Bua was a phrase used by the elderly in South Salento to accompany the songs of work or love. At Bua would therefore in any other way, other care, other disease, medicine
alternative. E 'in this concept that materialize the spirit and sound of the group. The attention from the evils of the past, those caused by the poisonous bite of the tarantula legendary, the evils of
a society exhausted by the difficulties and poverty that becomes today, likewise, a cure for the frenzy and the flatness of modern society. A cure, then, that as now happens to the sound of pinches pinches, dance strong, warm and release.

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