Program of the "final events" - The Art invades the streets with the eighth edition of 2012

6 September 2012a9 September 2012

PRESS RELEASE andprogram the "final events":

L'Arte invade le strade con l'VIII edizione di ARTEr.i.e. 2012

6 7 8 9 September 2012 Cantalupo in Sabina (RI)

Attraverso dei percorsi a tema nei quali, in ognuno di loro, si esprime una forma d'arte diversa, il paese formerà un altro paese al suo interno. Tra vie danzanti, piazze musicali e mura colorate, ARTErie garantisce un mix-formativo/culturale tale da poter essere compreso e fatto proprio da ogni visitatore e artista. Le strade divise per categoria ospitano ognuna un percorso dedicato ad un'arte diversa: Music, Theatre, Cinema, Visual Arts, Dance, Literature, Arts in the street ...

È d'obbligo ricordare a chi volesse partecipare, che ad ARTEr.i.e. nessuno tra artisti e organizzatori percepisce soldi, è una scelta etica oltre che determinata dalla necessità.

Come per l'anno precedente, anche la settima edizione si arricchirà di laboratories (free) diurnal, workshops, seminars and experiments that Arter.i.e. offer to the artists and the interested public. Through the creation of a real Campus of Artists, ARTEr.i.e. It will create contamination between artists, between different arts, from limitless possibility of artistic expression, becoming not only the platform for new and profitable ventures, but the necessary condition and lifeblood for that cultural network by that time the organizers want to promote throughout the Sabina.

Below is the list of Campus laboratories ART r.i.e. 2012:

· BUT HOW MANY STORIES! - Residential Course with Maurizio Spaccazocchi


· Maningioco - Laboratory of puppet construction foam - Directed by Franco Nannarone

· We animate the emotions - Conducted by: FORCED FRANCA, JULIA ROMAN BRINA, MASSIMO GAVA

· PROCESSSIONE PASSION - Voices from the Tradition - Patrizia Round

· Laboratory of contemporary dance with Heera

· Juggling basic - Teachers: Julius Caesar Ursini, Lorenzo Francioli jugglers and friends

· Laboratory furniture restoration - the master FRANCO Cirioni

The objective of is as always to condividere ogni forma d'arte, mettendole a disposizione della società sotto forma di conoscenza, destroying the wall between artist and audience thus creating a new dynamic and creative communion outside of the places institutionally and conventionally used for this (museums, exhibitions, theaters, etc.). The purpose of ARTEr.i.e. is to astonish and engage the viewer at the same time making him aware of the fact that Art, in all its forms, is accessible to all.

As in previous editions, each evening at the end of the cultural routes, the public will be able to choose which evento finale assist, flowing in the two spaces Members: Piazza Garibaldi and the "Velario".

The program of these "final events" is now defined and the following:

Thursday 6
Ore 23.00 – Velario
Giorgio Rossi and Michele Anger in "Case 2"

23.30 - Piazza Garibaldi
"Area 765 live @ ARTEr.i.e" Venerdì 7
Ore 23.00 – Velario
Demonstration of work directed by Mamadou Dioume, with the actors of the laboratory teatraleore 23.00 - Piazza Garibaldi
White Night of the literature - Vito Marco Bruschini and Lopomoore 23.30 - Tribute to Bruno Castrocucchi
the vaccine's Jazz Band

Saturday 8
Ore 23.00 – Velario
final notice "Arteries of the Theatres"

23.30 - Piazza Garibaldi
Elsa Baldini Quartet

23.00 - Piazza Rappaini
Jacopo Ratini and Daniele Fabbri in
“Bukowski vs Lenny Bruce”

Sunday 9
Ore 23.00 – Velario
Cascina Bara in "Fabric"

Performances by P. Rotonda and Heera

23.30 - Piazza Garibaldi
Bernie & Lorenz8 Swing Orchestra
Beside the harmony

23.30 - Piazza Sgrignani
Antonio Fusaro in “MithOrfeo”

In addition, the artists involved in the workshops with teachers such as Mamadou Dioume, Patrizia and Franco Round Heera Carola will perform during the evenings.

For the kids, finally, returns ARTEr.i.e. of Small. After the success of the previous editions, the day will be dedicated to children in the name of creativity.

For the design on the poster we thank Francesca Rocconi.

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ART r.i.e. - Review of Assumptions Expressive

6, 7, 8, 9 September 2012

Cantalupo in Sabina (RI)

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