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[ 6 May 2012 a 4 November 2012 5 May 2013; 2 June 2013; 7 July 2013; 4 August 2013; 1 September 2013; ] I said domenica ogni mese °


Along the Salaria towards Rieti.


The monthly market of goods and livestock, which is held every first Sunday of the month at Osteria Nuova, was established in the town of Frasso Sabino with prefectural decree in 1955 and became an important commercial reality not only in [...]

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Antiques Market at 'Abbey of Farfa in Sabina - every 1st Sunday of the month from March to December

[ 1 March 2012 a 31 December 2012. ]
Mercatino dell'antiquariato all' Abbazia di Farfa in Sabina
Anche l' 8-9 dicembre 2012
In the streets of the village, every 1st Sunday of the month from March to December
Market Antiques, Collectibles and Crafts ...
Nella splendida cornice dell' Abbazia di Farfa (Rieti)

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Studio7 Contemporary Art, Street Pennina 19, in Rieti, Paper Textures

[ 28 August 2012 a 22 September 2012. ] COMUNICATO STAMPA
E’ prorogata fino a sabato 22 settmbre 2012, a Studio7 Arte Contemporanea, Via Pennina 19, a Rieti, Trame di carta, una mostra d’arte contemporanea di opere di/su carta, a cura di Luca Arnaudo e Barbara Pavan. In mostra i lavori di Aldo Bandinelli, Chiara Belloni, Nito Contreras, Lino Divas, Ono Emiliani, Raffaella Simone, Christina […]

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Thank you to our growing number of visitors ...

[ 27 August 2012 a 31 August 2012. ]
We wanted to thank our visitors, more than 16,000 page views in the month of August (which still is not finished) ...
Thanks again for choosing us, we will give it our all! of staff

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Photo exhibition of Filippo Maria Gianfelice, Backstage

[ 28 July 2012 a 14 October 2012. ]
Press release
It opens Saturday, July 28, 2012, the personal exhibition of photographs by Filippo Maria Gianfelice, Backstage, edited by Barbara Pavan, as part of the 3rd Exhibition of Photographic Lungovelinocafé Annual Rieti (Via Salaria 26), coordinated by Studio7.
With "Backstage", Filippo Maria Gianfelice reveal to the public what the theater phenomenon has always denied the canonical [...]

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